Basketball is a sport that divides players into 2 teams. Each team consists of 5 players. Try to score by throwing the ball into the basket or basket under the standard playing rules.

Since the invention of the year 1891 (1891) by James Nesmith, basketball has been developed as an international sport. At the beginning of the university level Later became a professional sport, with the establishment of the National Basketball Association, NBA And began to compete in the Olympic Games in 1936 (1936), although in the early stages it was a sport only played in the United States. This sport has spread to the international level with speed. Currently, there are athletes and famous teams around the world.

Basketball is an indoor sport. The playing field is relatively small. Points are earned by throwing the ball into the loop from the top (shoot, shoot). The team with the more points at the end of the game wins Can bring the ball by bouncing to the ground (raising the child, dribble) Or send children between teammates The game will prohibit the concussion that makes it an advantage (foul, foul) and rules regarding ball possession.

Basketball games are developed for playing techniques such as shooting, sending and dribbling, as well as player positions. (Which, as a rule, is not required) and the position of standing in the offensive and defensive game The player who is tall is considered an advantage. Although the competition is controlled by rules Other forms of play for relaxation are thought up. Basketball is also a popular sport.

Sports uniforms for male and female teams according to standards, including Shorts and tank tops with clear numbers, printed on both the front and back Shoes are ankle-covered sports shoes. Team names, athletes names and sponsors may also appear on the set.

Each team will get a certain amount of time outside for the coach and the players to consult. Usually not more than one minute Except when wanting to advertise during live broadcasts

The game is controlled by the referee and the chief referee in the field. And table committee The table committee has the duty to record the score, control the time, record the number of fouls, players and team fouls. See the story of substitution Poses Sun Arrow and Shotlock

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